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Brand New Classes

November 26th, 2019 at Marbleton Town Hall
No fee and lunch will be provided - 6 hours total

The Clean Water Act - 9-11am
How much do you know about the CWA (Clean Water Act)? The Clean Water Act is an integral part of what we do as water and wastewater operators. This is where you can fill in your knowledge gap and meet two hours of your rule requirements.

Good for 2 hours of All Licenses, Rules and Core
Instructor: Joe Dankelman

Disinfection - 11am-12pm
Chlorine is a great disinfectant, but it is important you choose the right type of chlorine and know how to use it. It can be dangerous if not properly managed and dosed. Don’t let one of your greatest assets turn to a liability

Good for 1 hour All licenses and Core
Instructor: Joe Dankelman

The Safe Drinking Water Act - 1-3pm
How much do you know about the SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act)? How about all of it’s amendments? There is always more to learn and more requirements to implement. Come get the latest information.

Good for 2 hours of All Licenses, Rules and Core
Instructor: Todd Brown

Operator Math - 3-4pm
Almost everything we do has math involved. Don’t let it intimidate you. Come hear some great math stories and learn the tricks of the trade from one of the best operators around.

Good for 1 hour All licenses
Instructor: Todd Brown





Training Resources

 ABC's new Standardized Exams

Core and Rule Training Guidance

Cyber Security Presentations:
     CI Resource Catalog for SLTT Partners
     Cyber Incident Reporting Unified Message
     Cyber Security Guide for States
     DHS Presentation Lander
     EPA Tabletop Exercise Tool
     FSSCC Cyber Insurance Purchasers Guide
     Water SAC Cyber Security Resource Guide
     WY Cyber Security

 ABC Formula and Conversion Sheets: Water

NM Water Systems Operator Certification Study Manual

NM Wastewater Operator Certification Study Manual

UMC Class presentation - POWER POINT

Very Small Water System Operator's Guidebook to Preparing for Certification

Very Small Water Systems Sample Exam Questions ABC

Wyoming Rural Water - Power Point

Wyoming Water Emergency Response Exercise - Power Point

WyoWarn - Power Point


ABC Need-to-know criteria



Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Laboratory Analysts

AMP Calculator Guidelines

 Engineering Power Points

WWDC 2016


USDA RD Conference Briefing

WY Rules and Regulations - CPC Short Version

WY Rules and Regulations

The Wyoming Connection

wyoming connection

The Wyoming Connection is the official publication of WARWS; published quarterly for distribution to member systems, water & wastewater Operations, water related agencies & companies, legislators & government officials. This valuable industry publication is only available to WARWS members!

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Training Conferences

training conference

Learn more about WARWS Bi-Annual Training Conferences. Click the link below to learn more about attending, sponsoring, or expo booth rentals. 

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